How to Deal with Inconsistent Action

Dealing with Inconsistent Action

At the start of this year, one of my new years resolutions was to come up with a short list of daily actions I would commit to doing daily that would bring me the most results and that were directly aligned with achieving some kind of larger long term goal.

My Daily Challenge

I’m going to lay out my list here for everyone to see because I feel it’s important that I honestly share my daily struggles in pursuit of doing these daily activities….

Daily Action List:
1. Workout Daily
2. List New Products on Amazon Daily
3. Write a Blog Post Daily
4. Record a Picture or Video Daily & Post to Social Media
5. Read a Positive Book for 30-Minutes Daily
6. Listen to 30-Minutes of Positive Audio Daily

Each item on this list has a purpose. Ultimately, each one leads to a larger long term goal I believe will have a significant lasting impact on my life and those dependent to me.

What I have discovered is that completing each of these action items each day hasn’t been the challenge… but it has been dealing with the psychological aspect of not doing each step each day.

You see, life will happen. Challenges will arise. The kids will need to be taken to school, taken to their soccer game, homework will need to be done, dinner will need to be cooked, etc etc etc. In other words, life will get in the way of getting to the next level.

In the past, I would allow these short comings to get to me. I would beat myself up. Eventually this would only lead to internal self defeat, quiting… and eventually having to start over again.

What I’ve learned as I’ve gone through the exercise of starting over many times is that challenges and change is inevitable. We need to come to the realization that this will happen and that it is not our fault if things don’t go perfectly to plan. What counts is that we don’t quit and that we continue moving forward.

How I Personally Deal with Inconsistent Action

What has helped me is to keep this list constantly in front of me daily, and taking daily baby steps. The blinders are always on which helps keep me focused, but if something disrupts that focus, I’m mentally ready knowing that it will happen. Once I’ve dealt with that thing that was meant to derail me, I continue with my tasks right where I left off. This is how I’ve dealt with inconsistent actions.

The fact that this blog post isn’t perfect is all part of this daily challenge.

You see, if we wait until everything is perfect and when the stars are all aligned… then nothing will ever get done and progress will be extremely slow. Sometimes it’s better to simply create results than to wait for everything to be just perfect.

My personal opinion, massive action is far better than perfect action. That massive daily action when done consistently will eventually lead to massive results. Not only that, your authenticity will shine through far greater and will help you connect with others much easier who may be dealing with similar struggles as yourself.

All the best,

Sam Rivera

PS: Did you find this blog post helpful in any way? Please leave me your comments below.

I would love to learn more about what how you deal with inconsistent action and what you do to pick yourself back up.

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