12 Entrepreneurship Traits You Must Have To Succeed In Business


The saying goes that “Success Leaves Clues.”

Well, extrememly successful entrepreneurs also leave
clues in the form of personal traits.

Checkout this list and see how many of these traits
apply to you.

1. You Have A Never Ending Passion

A true entrepreneur has ever growing passion in their work. On the other hand,
it’s difficult to get an entrepreneur to do something they aren’t passionate about.

2. You Serve As a Fountain Of Ideas

Entrepreneurs have a constant flow of ideas, and an urge to share
those ideas with the world. These ideas often can become extremely
consuming. Interesting enough, upfront it’s rarely ever about money,
but more about passion and improving.

3. You Aren’t Afraid To Work Hard — Really Hard

Real entrepreneurs understand that success without hard work doesn’t exist.
They understand that sweat equity is the best kind of equity, and that
true fullfillment is found in those things that are “earned” through hard work.

4. You Never Like To Give Up

Failure by giving up is out of the question to a Real Entrepreneur. If there’s
a momentary setback or something didn’t go the way as expected, the
entrepreneur will usually course correct before even thinking about quitting.

Giving up is simply not an option.

5. You Have a Willingness and Ability To Learn From Everyone

An entrepreneur is always looking to learn something new. A truly successful
entrepreneur puts their ego aside in order to learn new skills and develop
valuable relationships. They’re always on the prowl for that next golden nugget
that will help them in their business.

6. You Are Often a Calculated Risk Taker

An entrepreneur usually makes informed decisions, but when a decision is made, it
is made strongly, boldly and isn’t changed often.

7. You Are Able To See the Big Picture

Seeing the Big Picture is important to the entrepreneur. This lets them crystalize
their personal vision and daily action steps needed in order to reach their goals.

8. You Can Keep Up With The Times

The successful entrepreneur knows that nothing should ever be left to chance and that
their line of business is always changing with time. They continue to invest in their
personal education and hone their skills. Keeping up with information and education has
everything to do with survival, and is the only way to improve your chances of thriving
in a very competitive world.

9. You Are Intelligent

More often than not, entrepreneurs are very intelligent people. This isn’t to be mistaken
with having a college degree, as some of the most successful entrepreneurs were
college dropouts.

10. You Are Not Afraid To Ask For Help

Asking for help is important to the successful entrepreneur. They recognize that there are
others who have the information they need to succeed, and they’re not affraid to ask for it in order to advance themselves in life.

11. You Have The Ability To Finish Things

Entrepreneurs finish what they start. It’s simple as that.

No quitting and no retreat.

12. You Have An Infectious Excitement

Along with bullet point #1, an entrepreneurs oozing passion usually infects others. This passion shows up in the form of excitement. It’s hard for it to go unoticed.

The purpose of this list is to point out the traits found is some of the most successful entrepreneurs we’ve ever known.

It’s true that some people are born with many of these traits, and others (such as myself) have to continue working on them.

The point is, in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must subscribe to these 12 traits. It’s this type of person who will make
it in the business world.

– Sam Rivera
Be Bold. Take Action.

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