Funny Things Kids Say Videos

Funny Things Kids Say Videos

Something Today made Me browse YouTube and search “Funny Things Kids Say”!

So I had another busy day with both my kids!

The rainy whether kept us indoors for most of the day … but I managed to keep my sanity, Lol.

Towards the end of today … both of them were pretty damn fussy!

I don’t think kids are supposed to be indoors that long. If you’re a parent with little ones, you know what I’m talking about!

… both my son and daughter started fighting and yelling at each other. For a minute, I was getting upset … but then realized it really wasn’t a big deal, and nothing to get worked up over.

I thought to myself … “Enjoy the moment. They’re growing so fast. They’ll be going off to college in no time!”

It’s Saturday, so I decided to lighten up my daily blog post a bit …

So I searched for some “Funny Things Kids Say” on YouTube.

The Funny Things Kids Say on these videos really had me in tears, LOL!

This poor little guy was set-up … but funny and jaw dropping 🙂

… and I think this little girl has the right idea. That Monster doesn’t stand a chance! Lol.

Pronunciation can always be challenge for a toddler. Practice makes perfect.

…. and this one is by far the funniest I’ve seen on YouTube 🙂

Instant Classic!

… Here’s also some Funny Things Kids Say I found over at (courtesy of Kesha Chisholm)

#1 To Great Grandma who is in her nineties:

Grandma, why doesn’t your skin fit you properly anymore?

#2 To the dancing teacher before a show:

Don’t give me makeup tips, I know about glitter you know.

#3 To Grandma when walking on an icy path together holding hands:

Don’t fall on top of me Grandma. You’ll squash all my juices out.

#4 At the ballet in a very loud voice:

Mummy, did Daddy lift you up over his head like that when you got married?

#5 In a very quiet formal restaurant to the waiter about the chef’s special dessert:

It’s edible.

#6 To Mummy at the crack of dawn while wielding a helium balloon in the shape of a chicken:

Say good morning to Mr. Chicken Mummy!

#7 When eating Mummy’s Olay and deciding it’s not good:

This yogurt is definitely off.

#8 To Daddy during a quiet moment:

When will you die? I will miss you when you die.

#9 At the slimming club eyeballing the larger waistline of the lady behind us in the queue to be weighed:

You have a very fat tummy, you’d better take your shoes off!

… if you find a “Funny Things Kids Say” video, I would love to share it on here. This stuff always hits a positive chord with me 🙂


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