Raise Your Standards – 3 Tips To Help You Stop Failing In Life


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Ever come across someone who just appears to have given up on life?

I sure have…

In fact, I’m guilty of giving up on certain aspects of my life!

So how can you quickly “snap out of it” and start getting your life back on track?

Personally, I have found that when I “Raise My Standards” , that’s the only time I begin to see in improvement in my life!

Continue reading, I’ve laid out some key tips that should help you get out of a slump and help you raise your standards

3 Tips To Help You Raise Your Standards

Tip #1: Watch The Potty Mouth!

This is a big one!

Success begins with the words we speak. It’s really easy to give in to defeat when feeling down and depressed. It’s easy to start bad mouthing yourself when things aren’t working out.

This is why listening to positive audio and reading daily is so important.

Victory begins with the words we speak. No matter how subtle, they have an enormous impact in helping your raise your standards.

Tip #2: Get Uncomfortable!

In order to raise your standards, you must accept that success will only come when you start doing what successful people do.

This will often times mean getting out of your comfort zone.

Fear often stops people short of attempting something new in their life. What these people miss is that everything they desire so badly is right outside their comfort zone.

Do the one thing that scares you the most! This will immedietly raise your standards and self-esteem.

Tip #3: Run Away From The 97%

I belive Jim Rohn said this …

but in order to be a part of the 3%, you must be willing to run away from the 97%.

Raise your standards by doing the exact opposite of what 97% of the population is doing.

If everyone watches TV at night…

Then be different!

Crack a book open instead, take a class, learn a new skill such as internet marketing.

Be in control of your environment!

Most people desire to have the fine things in life, but change never crosses their mind.

Stop giving up on yourself and raise your standards!

Accept nothing less than the absolute best.

It may be that you’ve been putting off eating healthy, going to the gym, spending more time with the kids or your marriage.

Maybe you’ve been putting off starting that new business all year long.

It’s time to say “enough is enough”.

I deserve nothing but the absolute best. My family deserves a better way of life. My mother or father deserve to be proud of me for once.

Decide to win! It all begins with a decision.

To YOUR Success,







~ Sam Rivera ~

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  1. Great advice! After all, we all know the definition of insanity..

  2. Cherie – Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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